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Protection of Rights in Education

Protection of Rights in Education

Any matter related to the protection of rights in education is the responsibility of the Rights Monitoring Department. One of the main functions of the Department is to ensure surveillance over the compliance with regulations in education, sports and science as well as to provide recommendations in order to prevent breaches.

The Rights Monitoring Department:

-        considers claims filed by individuals concerning the activities of educational institutions and the implementation of educational processes;

-        advises the management staff of educational institutions, teachers, students and other persons; 

-        carries out inspections at educational or related institutions, and scientific institutions;

-        issues a summons to persons, who fail to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in their activities for administrative breaches;

-        carries out analyses on the activities of educational and scientific institutions, provides conclusions and suggestions for improving their activities;

-        provides suggestions on the observation of the law within its own competency and in co-operation with public, municipal and other institutions.


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