Our mission

The quality of education – our common goal

Educational institutions are the actual agents which implement any reforms and initiatives elaborated by policy planning institutions such as the Ministry of Education and Science. In offering more freedom and autonomy to educational institutions, however, one should take into account that greater independence also imposes a higher level of accountability. The question has to be asked, whether all of the necessary preconditions have been met for every educational institution to be ready to assume the ever increasing load of responsibility?

In times of change, the monitoring of the implementation of reforms is very important so that educational institutions are not alone in handling these processes. All of the support and assistance necessary should be provided during this process.  Our Service has therefore changed the emphasis of its policies from inspection to support and advising.  In addition, by introducing these new activities, the Service will be able to work more efficiently and thus facilitate an increase in the quality of education.

The aim of the Service is to ensure quality and the rule of law in education by monitoring the quality of education and providing support in the implementation of educational process.

It is essential that all parties involved in educational processes at various levels should reach a common understanding of what a contemporary, innovative school is, what we expect of it, what we consider to be quality education, what the quality criteria are and their definition.

In practice, we use a quality monitoring system and perform regular follow-ups of quality indicators throughout the country. We acquire and collect information submitted by schools and local governments, analyze it, drawing conclusions and developing proposals for continuing activities. We believe that it is only through mutual support and co-operation that schools, parents, local governments, our Service, other public institutions and authorities, as well as non-governmental organizations can jointly work towards our common goal – the quality of education.

June, 2014