Licensing of an educational programme is the granting of rights to an educational institution to implement a particular educational programme.

Educational programmes may be implemented at an educational institution, public organisation, workshop or studio.

Implementation of an educational programme should be commenced within one year from the day of receipt of the licence.

Educational institutions that implement specific educational programmes are entitled to admit students only after the receipt of a relevant licence for the implementation of a specific educational programme, except interest-related educational programmes [1] and non-formal adult educational programmes [2].

An educational institution is entitled to commence the implementation of an educational programme in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments from its registration day in the Educational Institutions Register. The day of notification of an administrative deed is also considered as the registration day of the educational institution. An educational institution is entitled to implement one or more educational programmes.

The State Education Quality Service is the licensing body for programmes of general education, professional basic education, vocational education, professional secondary education, professional orientation education, professional excellence and professional further education.

An educational programme regulates the educating activity of an educational institution, which, in accordance with the level of education (pre-school education, basic education, secondary education, higher education), the type of education (general education, professional education or academic education), the target group (children of pre-school age, children and youths of compulsory school age, persons with special needs and adults) and the guidelines for State pre-school education or the State education standard (basic or general secondary education) and rules, is developed by an educational institution, co-ordinating such with the founder of the institution.

Requirements for the development of general education programmes are defined by the General Education Law(Section 17), whereas the requirements for the development of a vocational education programme are defined by the Vocational Education Law (Section 25).

Information about the educational programmes that are licensed is available on the State Education Information System and at the State Education Quality Service’s homepage.

[1] Section 46 of the Education Law

[2] Section 47 of the Education Law