1. The State Education Quality Service participates in the status of partner in the European Social Fund Project “Development of a Sectoral Qualifications System and Increasing the Efficiency and Quality of Vocational Education” (  Twelve Sectoral Expert Councils have been set up in the framework of the Project. The activities are reflected here (in Latvian).
2. BUILD UP SKILLS FORCE – the  Intelligent Energy Europe European Union programme has supported the implementation of the Build-up Skills FORCE Project in Latvia, which envisages the working out of professional development educational programmes to enhance energy-effective building skills.  In order to implement such programmes and introduce them into the Latvian educational system, the suggestions for the sustainability of professional development programmes and the constant availability of skilled workers for the building sector would be ensured by the necessary regulatory basis and financing measures. The implementation of the project is being administered by the Riga Planning District, with the partners being – the Kurzeme Planning District, the Vidzeme Planning District, the Zemgale Planning District, the Latvian Union of Construction Engineers, the State Education Quality Service and the Latvian Environmental Investment Fund. The project is supported by the responsible ministries – the Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry, the Education and Science Ministry, the Ministry of Economics, the State Employment Agency, centres of competency of professional education throughout Latvia, professional associations from the building sector and entrepreneurs. The project will be carried out by April 2016.

More about the project here.