Childcare Service and its Provider

Childcare is a qualified service of supervision and care, with the aim to secure the child’s being with an adult and safe, thoughtful and useful organisation of the daily routine for the child, thus promoting the child’s versatile development (Section 1, Clause 17 of the Protection of the Rights of the Child Law).

In case the parents or a child’s guardian cannot secure that a child till the age of 7 in the absence of the parents or the guardian is taken care of by a trustful person, it is their  obligation to secure childcare in the presence of the childcare service provider at the child’s residence or any other premises suitable for conducting such service, including  at the service provider’s  place who is authorised to implement a pre-school children’s educational programme or children’s interest education programme (Section  503, Paragraph one of the Protection of the Rights of the Child Law).

Childcare service providers are registered by the State Education Quality Service which maintains a Childcare Register. Registration is free of charge.

As of September 1, 2013 the Register is available on-line at the Service’s home page, whereas beginning from January 1, 2015 it is planned that the Register will be incorporated into the State Education Information System.

The State Education Quality Service decides on the registration of a childcare service provider within one month of the day when the application was submitted.

The Service makes it public on its home page and grants public credibility status to this information within three working days after the decision is adopted.

Upon the request of the service provider the Service issues a certificate of registration. The issuing of the certificate is free of charge.

The State Education Quality Service makes a decision to exclude the service provider from the Register within ten days if any of the following obstacles occur:

  1. the service provider submits an application on the termination of his/her activities or services;
  2. the service provider, upon a request from the State Education Quality Service, the National Child Protection Inspectorate or local government authorities that administer the territory where the service is provided, has not submitted the required information about the provided service within a month’s time;
  3. the service provider breaches obligations or claims under Sections  503  and 72 of the Protection of the Rights of the Child Law, or Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.404 of July 16, 2013 “Claims for the childcare service providers and the registration of the childcare service providers”;
  4. the service provider has supplied false details to the Service;
  5. judgement has been received according to which the service provider should be excluded from the Register;
  6. the service provider or its founder has been abolished according to public registries.