Teachers’ Private Practice

According to Section 1, Paragraph 161 of the Education Law, a teacher is a natural person whose education and professional qualifications are specified in this Law or in other laws regulating education, and who participates in the implementation of an educational programme at an educational institution or in a certified private practice.

In order to launch a teacher’s private practice, it is necessary to obtain a certificate.

The certificate attests to the person’s rights to commence a private practice in order to implement a programme developed by that person (e.g., interest-related or non-formal adult educational programmes) in the private practice.

According to Section 20, Paragraph (3), Clause 6, and Section 48, Paragraph (2) of the Education Law, certificates are issued by the State Education Quality Service free of charge.

The State Education Quality Service ensures the registration of the certificates.

In compliance with Paragraphs 10 and 41 of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 788 of August 17, 2010 “State Education Information System content, maintenance and the order of actualisation”, information about persons holding the certificate is entered into the Teachers’ Register which is part of the State Education Information System.

Administrative liability sets in once a person who has not been issued with a certificate commences a teacher’s private practice. In accordance with Section 20155 of the Latvian Administrative Violations Code “a fine of LVL 25 to LVL 50 shall be imposed in the case of the commencement of a teacher’s private practice without the receipt of a certificate for the teacher’s private practice”.

Taking into account the competency of local governments as specified by the Education Law regarding licensing of interest-related educational programmes and non-formal adult educational programmes (Section 46, Paragraph (5) and Section 47, Paragraph (3) of this Law), the person who has received a certificate for the commencement of a teacher’s private practice in these educational programmes, has to address the corresponding local government in order to receive complete information about their licensing.